Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FDA posts details on pistachio recall

Good news for everyone worried about salmonella-bearing pistachios. The FDA has posted a list of pistachio customers for products processed by Setton Pistachio during 2008.

Considering the ambiguousness, ineptitude and inaccuracy of federal actions with regard to food safety over the past decade or so, this is refreshing news.

What truly interesting to me about this recall (and those of the recent past) is that companies exist to provide protection for companies like Setton and Peanut Corporation of America (PCA). Primuslabs.com, for example, samples and examines a wide range of products for exactly the bugs that brought both Setton (which to its credit is cooperating with FDA) and PCA (which appears to want to stonewall its problems) to unflattering public attention.

Would you be willing to pay a few cents more to be assured the food products you buy are safe for actual consumption? I would.

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