Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Berries starting -- hurrah!

Black raspberries came through the door Saturday (from Wooster) and more came in today (Tuesday) from Chillicothe. I expect we'll have the blacks for a month or six weeks, and the red raspberries (due by the weekend, according to our Chllicothe guy) until almost the end of the summer, with a week or so of non-availability between the early and late crops. Blueberries could be a problem, because we don't have a regular supplier who will deliver lined up.

The latter comment, as well as the mysteries of getting local berries on a more consistent basis (difficult in Ohio), seems to me to be the basis for a potential business. I worked this business in Portland, Oregon, for a number of years before moving back home to Ohio, and independent grocers throughout northwest Oregon and southwest Washington really depended on a guy named Patrick Fink for their berries -- and boy did he have them. I think he knew every berry grower in that corner of the world, and he served as their market-maker.

Makes me wonder if I could do the same (or something similar?) here. More thoughts on this sort of thing in the future.

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